Monday, September 5, 2011

Maui Bound

Hello my lovely viewers/penpallers/friends,
I'm on vacation beginning last friday actually. We're on the island of Maui, from September 2nd, to we're not sure yet. I haven't booked my flight back home. Maui's annual county fair is in town at the end of the month which will be only a week before I would depart Maui. But, we'll see. So, letters will NOT be responded to if received after the time I left. Just letting you all know. Will respond AS SOON AS I GET HOME. A lot of you know that I respond right away after I get home. I had 46 letters at my last vacation. Took me an entire month to get rid of all those 46. LOL. Well, maybe 3-4 weeks.

I miss my husband, period. But I'm having a blast here. I missed my family.

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  1. I just wanted to let you be the first to know, that I am heavily considering getting back into the penpalling world again! Due to the fact that I'm at my brothers house I probably will NOT be participating in any SLAM books or address books like that :( I am going to try and reach out to the former penpals that I had and pray they don't hate me too much. I kinda disappeared on them before I went to college due to all types of reasons. Wish me luck! It all starts with my Bestie, Erika. Who I MUST write because she moved to Mexico :( ahh! To get me started..I made my own cute little address labels. Theyre not fancy like JJKun's and I have to glue them on with a glue stick..but I made em! And Im proud of myself :P I also taught myself how to make my own envelopes. hehe*