Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Traveling Journal

Hello everyone. I'm thinking about doing this thing called The Traveling Journal. A friend of mine, Sam, has blessed me with a new project. I'm looking super forward to this. I've asked my other friend TwistedFae to do this with me. From my understanding, this is how it goes. So, you'll take a regular size paper, printer paper, and you'll decorate it accordingly: you'll put 5 pages inside, well this journal consists of how many pages you want, but to start off you'll put 5 pages...you'll decorate them as you want. Whatever tickles your fancy. Your pages will consist of (page 1) basically ABOUT YOU. (Page 2) About your family, (Page 3) Maybe what a day in the life of you could look like, (Page 4) Favorite things, (Page 5) About where you live, (Page 6) Questions & Answers - This is i'm guessing the best way for your penpals/friends could get to know you straight up. You know? Instead of seeing what it's like via letters (which I love also by the way) but to also experience it thru pictures. Instead of letters, it's more so by imagination this'll give them a better perspective.

Let me do Sam & TwistedFae's one and I'll decide if I'd continue to swap. I really like this idea and THANK YOU SAMANTHA if you're reading this. I'm excited. I'll take pictures AFTER she receives it.

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  1. You are very welcome. I think its a fun expirence and I am excited to start :) Im glad you like the idea and I cant wait to get yours too.